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After 18 years on Fleet St in London (inc The Sun, The News of the World, The People and magazines) and more prior working for the Australian Press, I am now based in the hub of Asia -HONG KONG.
My time spent in London provided opportunities of working for newspapers and magazines from all around the world as well as travel to all corners of the world.
Though News is my specialty I can bring varied experience to any job both on Location or in the Studio. You will get a professional result!

With Hong Kong as the Hub of Asia, I can move quickly getting to a story sooner rather than later to secure your particular British / Australian/ American angle. Singapore, The Philippines,Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, and Brunei are only a matter of hours away.
Please feel free to call and discuss your requirements.
Stock photography by Jayne%20Russell at Alamy
Stock photography by Jayne Russell at Alamy

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News Sport and Entertainment photography by Jayne Russell at ZUMA Press

Jack Nicolson and Jayne Russell

Wimbledon Tennis with Jack Nicholson