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Website Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the Jayne Russell Photography website. Following are the terms and conditions that govern the use of this site.

 Please read our terms and conditions carefully before using our website.

Further use of the website will indicate your acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

If you wish to use any services produced online now or in the future, you are also subject to the applicable terms. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions, website, prices, information and license terms without notice. Your continued use of the website indicates your continued acceptance of the terms and conditions as modified.

Copyright Notice


This website and the information contained within it is protected by copyright ©. Reproduction of part or all of the website contents / images in any form is prohibited without the permission of Jayne Russell Photography and in some cases News International/The Sun.

Unauthorized use of the Content is a violation of copyright and will incur expenses, costs or damages for the agent, organisation and the individual. No part of the site can be used under the banner of “fair use” or seen as “orphaned”

Furthermore the website design copyright rests with Photoshelter.com



The information contained in this website is not intended to be relied upon to make business decisions. Whilst reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy, correctness and reliability of the Content is made, it cannot be guaranteed.

Jayne Russell Photography no guarantee is offered relating to the content of any other website referred to or accessed by hyperlink - these other websites are not controlled by Jayne Russell Photography

Whilst we aim to maintain our online services, we cannot guarantee that this website will always be accessible to you nor can we guarantee that services provided by this website will not be interrupted.

For the avoidance of doubt, we are not responsible for any damages that may be caused to you as a result of using this website as well as any damages third parties may cause to you.

Image Licensing

Non-commercial evaluation use of images is permitted.


Once final selection is made rates and rights must be negotiated before use.  


All photographs rights will only be granted in writing.


The exception is in the case of “news” use. Urgent use of images for news indicates you agree to the payment of space rate in line with that set out by Alamy and the NUJ. Urgent use still requires you to attempt to contact us. Failure to make any attempt to contact us will result in a penalty.


A credit is requested- to be formatted as ©Jayne Russell Photography. Missing and/or incomplete credits may attract additional charges.


Privacy Policy


Jayne Russell Photography fully respects your rights to privacy. Any information we are obtain about users of this website via registration/Log In you agree to allow us to use in relation to transactions you request through this website and for update emails. No other use is made.




Only a waiver in writing will be accepted as legitimate amendment of any of these terms and conditions.

Please contact Jayne Russell info@jaynerussellphotography.com to clarify any individual issues.